Thursday, July 11, 2019

I pity the fool...

Probably only going to see one of these...

Though these day, Rhonda, who took on the Rowdy moniker in honour of this man, is a bigger deal today - Roddy was THE bad guy back in the day. His work as a top heel, and ever as a solid face at time, was great.

He was able to draw great attention to the sport with the Mr. T rivalry. I was too young to remember it first hand, but I've seen the match a few times - nothing too great as far as athleticism, but high on entertainment which was much of what was done in the sport in the later 80s.

Appropriate to see Rezar since we saw his tag team partner the other day.

A solid couple RAW memories here with the "This Is Your Life" Mankind and Rock segment being a personal fave.

That said, I don't know how many non-wrestling fans really know Mankind, though many sure know the Rock - would be interesting to have a Rock movie actor fan watch this segment and get their thoughts.

8 packs, 56 cards, 171 points.

A quick note in other news - I placed my order with Dave & Adam's Card World over this past weekend. I figured I would save a bit of time, and get at least some of the July 4th weekend deals. I have the package there and awaiting pick up at the retail store for when the family makes out trip through the area in a few weeks (give or take). Won't bother giving any hints as to what, but a bit of everything I collect, and nothing overly expensive as far as single boxes go. I think the most I spent on a box was $38, and I spent just over $200US before taxes.

What can I say, I prefer a nice variety of more, than less, "higher end" cards. High end cards are great, but I can't really justify the money for a few cards when I could have a box instead. Just a hang up I have I guess. At least for now...


  1. Can't wait to see what boxes you picked up. This year one of my unspoken goals was to hold back on box purchases and focus more on singles. Deep down inside, I didn't think it would last... but I've actually shown some self-control. I'm sure that'll change in November with the Black Friday sales.

    1. I figured the blog was a good excuse...need to have some boxes for opening through 2020 like I have for 2019. :)