Sunday, July 21, 2019

Remembering The Net

Another day, another three packs...

The Soul definitely looks like an elegant bow...yeah - never was a fan of the cartoon.


20 packs, 179 cards, 405 points.

Some nice new cards here with a sweet Picard and another (now up to 4) Star Trek Card Game bonus card.


21 packs, 189 cards, 424 points.

As for the net referred to in the title...

This was from one of the memorable Q related episodes from Star Trek TNG. Not sure if it was the all powerful aspect offsetting the great presence of Jean-Luc, but the chemistry worked so well on screen, and between the characters.

This net cast by Q to capture the enterprise, a simple trick for Q.

The dupes...

22 packs, 197 cards, 434 points.


  1. Is this your third or fourth Ricardo Montalban? Is this a super small set? Or is collation just really bad?

    1. It is a small set - just 100 cards, so the dupes are bound to happen. I may get close to a second complete set given the number of cards in each pack.

    2. That makes sense. Hope you're able to complete 2 sets.