Friday, July 5, 2019

Really - 1%

Another pack of 2018 Then Now Forever - and we get someone who came to WWE with a set character in hand.

EC3 created his character in TNA / Impact whatever it was called at the time, and brought it with him when he came to WWE. The top 1% - a solid character, and he has the look...could be a top guy, but time will tell if/where that will happen.

That said, in a set of 100 base cards - his is, if nothing else - 1%.

Oh - and the Edge legend card design - very nice, and with Edge the purple hue background is excellent.

We end with a couple more Raw 25 insert cards of more recent times. I am a bit tired of Roman Reigns (character - the guy himself is great and all the power to him with his recent health issues), but can't get enough AJ - always continues to be awesome.

2 packs, 14 cards, 42 points.

Also today, a quick PWE trade with hawkking from TCDB who added some early 90s Classic Wrestlemania cards which specifically look back at Wrestlemania II and Wrestlemania III.

Wrestlemania II is the first show I really remember well as a kid - specifically King Kong Bundy being to me, such a big baddie trying to injure the ribs of Hogan....oh the time of Kayfabe.

As always, thanks for the trade!


  1. I used to have those old Wrestlemania cards years ago..

    I'm actually quite surprised the smarks didn't start chanting Derek Bateman at EC3 like they did Bray when he debuted the gimmick in WWE

    1. Not sure why he got a pass on it compared to Bray....changing times maybe...

  2. Those Wrestlemania cards are great!

    1. Such classic moments from my childhood. I should take some scans of the old magazines as I still have them and some of the pics are the same I think.

  3. King Kong Bundy was a beast!