Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Well Worth The Wait

So a good while ago (say start of 2018), I made an offer up to someone on TCDB to do a box for box trade of cards if they were up to it. I do this where I can as it is a great way to move 300-800 cards in one go (cheaper for postage typically given the large number of cards too).

As always with these, I send first and just ask to get back what they feel is fair (I don't care to get the same number of cards back, as I don't mind downsizing to get cards that fit my collection). Honestly, the time doesn't really bother me either, as things happen and it took whatever time it did, and I was in no rush.

Not sure whether I should name names as I don't want the delay to deter others from trading with this user, so I will leave it at that.

There is enough here that I am going to take a few days to go through and share (and catalog on TCDB of course).

First, this is what the trade initially started as - a small three card for three card trade...

Nothing too outrageous, but base Leaf cards that I needed from decent Score base sets.

Here are some of the not-so-Leaf cards that were included with varying degrees of need as far as my collection goes.

We start with some minor league cards which aren't my thing, but should be easy to move given the subject matter...

Can't complain about Connor! I have had a couple of these which came out of some of the repack options you could get at Walmart in Canada over the last cuple years, so that may be where these came from.

Other cards which end up being dupes I won't need to keep...

Can understand why the Sundin's were sent my way. Mats as a Leaf are definite keepers, but pre-Leaf Sundin doesn't cut the Leaf collection, and I already have the couple otherwise.

WHat we end today with, are some nice adds though...

I REALLY like the last few year sets of Tim Horton cards. I should really move to collect them more, but I am trying to stay focused...

The design, the great card stock, the player focus for having a 100 card set (give or take), some decent inserts, just a great overall set. Too bad I don't actually go to Tim Horton's at all, would have made collecting them easier.

Continuation of the box, and the star to the Leafs, tomorrow!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing what other treasures resided in this box for box trade.