Tuesday, July 16, 2019

It's in the game

We star today's drive through the universe with an insert.

Apparently this is from a Star Trek card game. Not the CCG that became a thing in the late 90s. This is a game based on the original Star Trek series, and there are a few insert cards of the game in this set. Here we have the ever so exciting "Enigma". The card is very much the same texture and card stock as a playing card, which is meh, but noticed comparable to the harder card stock in this set.

May be why we end up with 10 cards in this pack.

I remember reading about Michael Dorn, who played Worf, talking about the make up process each day and how long a process it was. I think after the series, he talked about not wanting to fo it - then he ended up on Deep Space Nine for a good tenure too.

5 packs, 46 cards, 133 points.

Next pack...

The last three cards here are just great. Riker is probably my favourite character for his growth and change over the years. You see him develop so much from his young early days on TNG right through.

Then in the last two, you have The Borg, and then The Borg of Deep Space Nine in the Jem'Hadar. Q Who is the episode in TNG when the Borg are first introduced as Q sends the Enterprise off further than Humans have ever gone, and after an encounter that has a death toll, and leads to Picard asking for help, returns them. A grim foreshadow of what exploring can lead to.

6 packs, 54 cards, 157 points.

Last pack for today...

Sideshow Bob! Not quite, but Kelsey Grammer was an interesting one for the series. Almost didn't recognize him...not sure why, he does look very similar to what he looks like in other series.

7 packs, 62 cards, 181 points.


  1. That little kid/baby gives me the creeps. Lol.

    1. Gave me the creeps also way back when. BTW the actor is Clint Howard at around age 7, Ron Howard's brother.

    2. Oh man. I knew I recognized that face.

    3. Can really see the resemblance!