Monday, October 11, 2021

1992-93 Fleer Basketball

Today, another bunch of cards from a single set I have no interest in collecting - 1992-93 Fleer basketball.

The set was released as two series - 1 being a 264 card set and the second bringing the entire set up to 444 cards. The cards today, are all from the first series which seems to be a bit of a theme in this lot - heavy cards on one set or the other, instead of being equal over two set releases.

The borders very much remind me of 1990-91 SkyBox, but these cards are better done overall. Sure, some of the centering is a bit off on these, but a full photo and nice team colour coding the name on the right side along with a logo that doesn't interfere - all positives.

The coach cards to go with the teams are nice as well.

The backs really make these cards for me. Full career stats, a small write up, usual date of birth and facts, with a decent picture - not much more you can ask for in a back. The coach write ups are a little more bland and could have gone for similar treatment as the players, but can't have everything I guess.

A few subset cards with the schoolyard stars to wind up the cards appearing in series 1.

Anyone out there collect the set or have fond memories - or not so fond memories of it?

These basketball pulls are killing my keep rate - but all's fine and well when I consider I've gotten over 4,500 new cards for my collection in this purchase so far.


  1. I like the team color coding for the names on the front. Not as enthused as you by the backs.

  2. Back then it was Fleer, Hoops, Topps, and Skybox, with Upper Deck if you wanted to spend a little more. I had to spread the money around!

  3. I collected this set as a kid, and like most of the basketball sets from the same era, this one will always hold a special place in my heart.