Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Go Fishing

 It's about what I get to do every day I pull cards from one of these card lots - it's like going fishing. Sometimes you luck out and catch some great one, other times you go home empty handed.

Not completely empty handed, but many cards that aren't sticking around in my collection.

We start with some more 1987 Opening Day Donruss cards which have a nice team logo subset. Still not sold on the border colour compared to the flagship set black, but the logo subset is pretty awesome.

We get some more usual Donruss cards from the era with heavily produced 1991, and the first 1994 Bowman's Best card we've seen here I believe.

It might be getting on the closer side of whether I try to collect 1998-99 Finest or not. The full base set is only 150 cards, and I know we've seen maybe 20 of them or so. If I get a good run, may have to look at adding it to the sets I am collecting, just to work on finishing it off.

1998-99 SP isn't quite there yet, but may go the same route. I'll have to take a look at how many I have thus far. Not yet, but again, depends on if I fish more out.

So, were there any fish worth keeping? Well - yes!

As I say, love the inserts, and glad to get the Jays logo here.

Even got a single set helper...

One of the great two sport athletes of his time, though preferred him better in football.

We end with a solid oddball.

This is from High Liner foods, early 90s issue. I remember High Liner as a kid, for the fish sticks. Not sure they would still agree with me, but as a kid you could get away with eating anything, whether a real for or not!

This is the first card of the 28 card set and pictures the Montreal AAA team from 1893 - a nice historical pic indeed!

Never know what you are going to get when you go fishing!

Let's end today with the first of the 10 15 cards for $1 USD packs I picked up from I just checked and there are a few left on the site, but I gather from Steven's comments here before, they will be changing to be like the dollar store packs - a few less cards - though I will say the pickings as per below see to be better than the dollar store.

Let's see what we get....

The unexpected set build keeper. Always happy with those.

A Leaf pick up - always welcomed, even if a dupe.

Two solid insert/parallel pick ups which is excellent as well. For a random pack, I'd take 4 keepers any day, but the rest are pretty solid trade cards too...

A solid dabbling of sets, and not all junk which is excellent.

Even a Bruins card to pass along to a certain Bruins collector. Glad I picked up 9 more of these. Will spread those out over the next few weeks or so, but if they are like this, they will be a fun little go through.


  1. It's not changing with us but the dollar store Dollarama packs have gone from 15/1$ to 12/1.25 which is about the same given that we are in USD. Where it differs is in the quality, I'd say a tad better as there is always a sprinkling of inserts/parallels in each pack. Thanks again!

    1. Gotcha - and yes, the quality is definitely a step up compared to the dollar store packs.

  2. Never understood why Donruss went with that weird border color on the 1987 Donruss Opening Day set. They look like cards that were left in the sun too long. That being said, I do like the team logo cards.