Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Reaching The Pinnacle


As a kid, you are not always aware of everything. For example, at the time, I always thought Macoun coming Toronto was probably a big deal for him. I mean, who wants to play in Calgary when you can play in Toronto?

Yeah - I was very much Toronto biased as a kid, and I like to think that has changed somewhat.

For some, playing in Toronto would be the pinnacle of their career, but probably not necessarily for Jamie. I mean, he had a solid run in Toronto, but it's not the same as his time, and success in Calgary.

It was supposed to be different and Toronto was supposed to win Stanley Cups, and Jamie did win a Stanley Cup after leaving just had to be with Detroit in 1998.

Beyond Macoun, nothing for me to keep here, and then we get....

enough of the basketball set to say, I think there was a complete set at one point which has been cherry picked through. Too much of it has come up to tell me otherwise.

Well, at least not all the subset all star cards have been pulled. Same is true of the top prospect cards, so still some solid winners in here.

Another 15 from today...still have a good handful plus of these to go.

As ,luck would have it, this is probably the "worst" one so far, but just because of the lack of luck on Leafs and as luck would have it, no new set additions, but still - these two are insert additions, so that'sn still really good.

I think 1987-88 Topps is now the earliest set I have pulled from these packs, so that's really neat.

Just luck that the base cards, like Luke Adam, just ended up being cards I already have. Oh well, still a fine repack for the price.


  1. Nice Dino, '87-88 hockey cards are still fairly novel to me since i never came across any hockey cards as a kid until 1990.

    I'm trying to complete the 1991-92 Upper Deck basketball set via TCDB trades, along with a few other overproduction-era sets. Dang high number series is the biggest obstacle for me. That, and finding traders who are active and need what I'm offering.

    1. If there is anything that can be of help to your collecting, just let me know, always happy to help.

      As for Dino - yeah, I feel the same, even the mid 80s stiff is neat to come across as 1990 is where I really came in for hockey cards too.