Sunday, October 24, 2021

Holo-Back Whirl

1992-93 Upper Deck hockey is a set that has come up a lot. I mean, I got a complete set of it through this lot as you can see in the summary below.

That said...there's the holo variation. Like 1991 Donruss baseball and the Inc versus Inc. variations, it isn't one I was going to ever specifically collect...except...I've come across too much of it so, I am keeping these Logo/Text variation to complete that set, which will really be just cards 1-440 as I have the high numbered set, and it doesn't have 2 different holograms.

The result? I will be keeping more of this set than I really need.

So, out of 150 cards bunched together for this set, here are the keepers...

I mean, since we are talking about to hologram, best to show the backs, right? You can see the text clearly in some scans, the logo in others to get an idea of what it looks like.

Generally, I find the logo only stamp to be much flatter looking, less shine, and just has the logo at a certain angle, whereas the text/logo hologram has the nice rainbow lighting come off it, and you can see one or the other at most any angle.

Not all of the cards were the text/logo hologram, actually only about 1/5 of them, so I did okay on those. As for the "just logo" ones, I did still get some Leaf keepers...

You know this set is bananas - B-A-N-A-N-A-S...

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