Monday, October 25, 2021

Ice - Still No DIce

 Today, heavy with the 1996-97 Donruss Canadian Ice hockey card set.

We get two copies of Shneider, so I can show the front and back in a single scan!

Part of the reason this set isn't growing on me is because of the lack of "stuff" on the back. I mean, big photo, but minimal on the stats, no write up. Just doesn't provide much, even if every card does have a Maple Leaf logo on them.

I mean, they could use half the size for the photo circle, and squeeze in 5 years of state at least, or maybe a quick info tidbit.

If we see much more, I'll have to see how much of the 150 card set I've come across. I mean, hard to pass it up, trying to finish a set off, if 80% or so falls into your lap.

As of now - still no dice.

Let's end with a small PWE trade I made with TCDB member FireproofLowlife which brought...

I didn't "need" Derek, but happy to get a 5th to even the trade up a bit, but otherwise, wrestling cards are always a great pick up, and we have two inserts with 'Taker and CM Punk. Bryan's a good get to, and it's nice to see him happy being able to do what he wants wrestling wise in AEW, even though I wish he would have had the opportunity to do so in WWE.

Great little trade, and much appreciated.

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  1. I only have one card from that set and haven't perused the gallery on the Database. It looks like the photography may have been what they were going for to me... possibly their take on Stadium Club/Ultra concept?