Thursday, October 7, 2021

Finally The Finest

 OKay, this is enough, I am giving in and starting to collect this one - 1998-99 Finest.

With the lot from today and going back for what has come across my hands already, I sit at 66 of the 150 cards so far and wouldn't be surprised if I get well over the half way mark in the lot.

I like the cards enough to collect the set as well, otherwise, why bother?

The fronts are typical with the chrome look, but the dented ice scratching are a nice touch.

I like the team colour coding for the backs, and although I rather have full stats, the write ups are fine and the extra pics are nice.

To clarify, since all of the cards I have are still under cover, that's what I am going to go with for completing the set (though I guess that could change if I pull a bunch that have the cover removed....).

Happily, I did get a few Leaf cards as well which I will need because I need dupes for the set build - I believe I have all of these already in the Leaf collection.

Some dupes....

A good day with deciding to build another set, though at some point I'll have to cut down from the 100 or so baseball and hockey sets I am building to focus a bit more and actually complete more.


Maybe...we should just end with another 15 card assorted hockey card pack from!

I am thinking this may be the norm with these packs, just getting one or maybe two base card additions, but then...

Getting 2-3 insert/parallel, or with the Marquee Rookies card, shorter printed base card.

Again, for the fun of opening 15 assorted cards and getting a little trade fodder, the price is right for that!

Decent trade bait all around, and a bit more O Pee Chee than I usually find in my travels, heck, even with the lots I pick up, there isn't necessarily a ton of O Pee Chee compared to the card totals.

Overall, another passing grade for this pack, but maybe it can be a little more Leafy next time.

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  1. 1998-99 Finest is a great looking set. It lacked the rookie star power, but the design might just be the best looking Finest set of the era.