Monday, October 18, 2021

The Bowman Show

 Today, we get a whole bunch of 1993 Bowman baseball. I am not a big fan of the look of the set, I have no attachment to it, and this set definitely has a bit of smoker tinge on some of the cards which is clear on these...

I mean, just the top of the A Gon card to the bottom of Roberto is clear enough.

Will keep the Jays, but it's enough of a deterrent that I can't be bothered trying to collect the set from these.

The fronts aren't that bad really, in this case, it is more the backs that bother me.

The name, the colour, the lack of logo and having teams references in yellow and black up the side, and lack of stats in most cases. They just do so little for me.

Still, some nice players here with Grissom and Lee Smith.

Some interesting photo choices too. I mean Magadan with a gaping open mouth looking sky high, and Runyan looking like he stole someone's Funyuns.

Can't all be baseball today though apparently.

Another set that hasn't drawn me in yet...even if it is Canadian Ice. No American Ice set though....hmmm.....

Let's take another 15 card pack from and see what we come up with.

One set addition from this pack, and it seems 2012-13 Score is a regular show for these packs. Works for me since I have plenty of base needs for the set, and here we get a nice Award Winner subset card.

The pack is a winner for the Leaf content with a new addition in the Honor Roll Belfour, and a second copy of the Bozak O Pee Chee card. 

Here is what makes these packs much better than the dollar store equivalents - a trio of inserts/parallels, all of which are new for me, so good keepers.

As for the rest...

A nice variety in the rest as well making a solid and well rounded bunch.

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