Saturday, December 18, 2021

1993 Fleer Final Edition

 These are the reasons I really enjoy getting and slowly going through these large card lots.

Today we go through 250 cards of a set that I only had the Jays for before today - 1993 Fleer Final Edition. This was released as a box set only, so I am sure at some point the set was completed, and we will see how complete and intact this one is today. I am not going to scan all the cards, but just a couple highlights.

In the bunch, here are the Jays...

The design is identical to the 1993 Fleer set. THis set size is 300 cards, so I will say, all 250 were unque, so I will build this set since I am most of the way there...kind of.

THere were a few error cards which include some misprints...

For whatever reason, a handful of the Rangers card backs are far enough off centre, you can see a smidge of the cards beside them. Good enough for being error cards for me, but does mean I will need another nice one of each for the set.

Figure I best show some regular card fronts and backs so everyone can see exactly what you get in the set, and as I said, this means I am about 50 cards shy of the set...and there are a few stragglers to look in the bunch of cards tomorrow, so let's see just how close to complete I can get with this one before having to go to trades for the last few!

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