Friday, December 17, 2021

More Bow To SHow

 Probably about 150 cards into the large 1993 Bowman set, and not sure how much more we will see, but here are the couple Jays I will keep from the bunch/

Juan was 25 in 1993 and in his first at last year at AAA with the Jays. He spent a couple more years floating around the minors, not quite making the majors, had a bit of foreign ball, and that was it without making it to the bigs.

The backs are alright, though the colour scheme is definitely not one of my favourites with too much 1991 Fleer yellow, and then the green/beige/brown across the top. Even the name on the left side - any reason it couldn't be team specific and coloured?

Still, some decent photography though mostly standard action shots or posed off-field shots, but fine overall.

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