Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Not Sure I Have Seen These Before

When there is nothing for me to keep out of the 50 cards I pull daily from this lot of cards, I have to see if there is anything new/different from the cards making a pit stop in my house. At least this was easy to do today. 

Here we have 1992 Upper Deck football cards. For whatever reason, I not I have seem way too many 1991 set cards, but I don't think I have ever seen cards from the 1992 set until this.

The design doesn't stray too far from the prior year set, so a very solid design for the fronts.

Oh, and they made sure to keep the Collector's Choice team checklist subset, so bonus points for sticking that in again as the artwork is excellent as always.

Other than some background colour change and font differences, the backs for 1992 are again, very similar to 1991.

As far as names that I know from the base cards - well - there's Herschel Walker and Warren Moon. Again, not my sport at all, but can appreciate the solid set design keeping it in line with 1991.

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