Monday, December 20, 2021

Creepers and Sleepers

 When I pulled the 50 cards for today, I thought I may get a bit lucky as this set is one I have about 80% complete now...

1999 Topps Opening Day, and what I have from it, all came from this lot. The 165 card set, I am 31 cards shy on completing, and unfortunately no change to that with today's cards, but I did get another copy of the Shannon Stewart card (a third), and...

A needed second copy of Hinch needed for the error binder. Otherwise, dupes for going...

So although no more creeping upward on the Opening Day set, 1995-96 Ultra hockey is a sleeper set for being one I may have to start collecting.

The set is a 400 card one, so definitely reasonable for size, it will just come down to whether there is enough here to make a run at it. I don't mind the design, it's pretty nice, but would have been nice to see some Leaf cards here.

If all goalie cards were nice shots like McLean - great mask card - I'd be happy.

A sleeper set for collecting...may happy...we shall see.

Let's close with a 40 or so card PWE with TCDB first time trade partner Blargh which, I hadn't checked, but actually completed a couple team sets for me.

The two 1991-92 Score cards are the Canadian Bilingual ones which give me the last couple of the 31 to complete that set for me. I am also working on the set as a while slowly, so will need dupes.

Like the Cujo Upper Deck card though - he was one of those players I liked while playing on other teams, so was happy to have him join the Leafs - very much like Mogilny.

I may never have the Ron Low original card, so an Archives reprint is fine with me!

The McCauley MVP card was the last of 8 Leaf cards I needed from the 2002-03 set, so finished that one off happily too, and the Belfour beside it is a sole Leaf insert in that insert set. Actually Belfour is another "enjoyed him elsewhere, happy he became a Leaf" guys.

The rest are Victory set additions to help the base set along. Still about 130 cards to go, but this is a good knock into the needs on this one.

An appreciated trade, thank you!

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  1. That Rookie Cup Hinch is a cool looking card... although it would have been a tad bit cooler had the cup been placed in the bottom righthand corner.