Friday, December 10, 2021


A lot of what we do in collecting has to do with pieces. Whether it is pieces of material in a memorabilia card or jersey card, pieces of a puzzle, pieces of a set. Collecting in pieces. We all do it.

I mean... 

I picked up these pieces of the 1992 Stadium Club set in the 50 cards for today. Another little gain on the massive set.

Also, though I have the team set and the full set done, a couple more pieces of the Jays team here...

from the 1991 Leaf set.

We can even be more literal when speaking of pieces...

I mean, I don't ever remember actually popping the pieces out and putting one of these Donruss puzzles together, but here we have three Clemente pieces - my first pieces of this puzzle actually.

As for these set pieces...

They are all looking to find a home where they can continue to be pieces - just pieces in someone else's set or collection. Eventually all the pieces will find their perfect fit.

As we get close to the holidays, I had a pick up of card collecting supplies at 401games, and of course kept up for the Magic collection as well picking up the following...

As I do - the newest set out, and I picked up my variety packs. It struck me recently that something I haven't been collecting is the prerelease or box topper type packs which you can get. I don't really care about getting them, but it did give me a thought of how to expand my collection of Magic packs if I really want to, though right now, I don't have drive to (or want to spend the dollars to do so - I spend enough as it is).

Not too many singles picked up, but a few older ones. Mostly it was getting the Crimson Vow ones as they were almost all reasonable priced, so I just pulled out the full base set of artifacts, and almost all of the foil versions as well.

The base includes the full art version of a couple of the cards, and also picked up the couple tokens as well.

Squirm as they might, the foils are here too. I am not a big fan of the alternative or full art cards - just a grab for more "chase" cards, but not needed in my opinion. It's getting so much more into the collectible space that the play, which what really originally drew me, is getting lost.

I don't usually go for all the artifacts in new sets like this, but the worst of the bunch was $4.50 whereas usually there is one card that will be $10 or more, and I don't want to take a chance on such cards, especially when they are brand new as prices can tank quickly.

Still - a nice bunch of adds. I didn't scan the top loaders and such that I got, but those were what I was really after.

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