Thursday, December 2, 2021

Just A Pair

 Second half of the Dollarama pack today - let's see if it is better than the first.

Like yesterday, a bit of duplication within the half itself.

A first artifact for me (yay), and best yet, another keeper. As usual, love checking out the artwork to, especially like the Drake shown in the middle.

I am sure the lands being included are random, but it does seem like I see more Plains than anything else for whatever reason.

Too bad a dupe artifact from yesterday, but it's bound to happen!

In comparing this half to yesterday's, only one rare today and 6 uncommons, including the last card which is a foil. Otherwise, just the couple artifact cards so...not as good as yesterday, but for the 100 dollars at $4....not going to complain, these packs are still fun to go through.

Always nice to spend a day or two on cards away from the lot to go back refreshed...back to it tomorrow....but one last thing before we go...another mystery pack from

Two set helpers - yes, I am still working on 1991-92 Canadian Score - the bilingual edition, as it were. Got the American and got the Canadian English only...

Always room for Mats!

and always room for some gold and another Marquee Rookie I didn't have!

If you see anything here you like, just let me know as I'm always up for a trade!

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