Sunday, December 12, 2021

Getting Comical

 Well - not the couple keepers that I am going to talk about today, but there are those...

It's more about the cards I am not keeping being very comic centric again, and that's alright with me...

Well, Black Widow is back at things again this past year - not a bad update on the look compared to that on the card here, so credit given on that. Marvel movies these days do a pretty solid job on the look of the films. Blackpanther - a bit more different, but understandably so.

Then there are those characters whichwere done as an obvious "girl version" like a Supergirl, here with Wolfsbane (ie. a female Wolverine).

Some classic X-Men stars with Storm and Wolverine, and big names like Captain America and Spider-Man.

Speaking of Spider-Man, we get a bunch from that 1992 set as well including...

one scared looking J. J.! The you get classics like Doc Oc and the Green Goblin. The cards definitely fit a lot of the big points.

Nicely adding the checklist for this 90 card set, if I get many more, I'll be able to see exactly what cards are MIA from this little set.

I don't do many wrestling card trades, and wish I could do more as there's so much in wrestling I'd collect - well pretty much everything I don't have, so plenty for me to collect.

Today, a small PWE trade with TCDB member Nathan-John-Mercer who sent these along...

One baseball variation card which was jumbo pack exclusive, and then some Raw Deal wrestling cards because yes, I will collect the game cards too! Never played the game, and didn't really hear much about it until it was well done and gone. I know there have been other wrestling card games over the years, but nothing that really stuck that I know of.

Love these though, and many thanks for the trade!

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