Friday, December 24, 2021

Tis The Night Before Christmas

 As far as kids are concerned the "big day" is tomorrow. I am sure they will be spoiled as usual. :)

Unfortunately, I guess no hockey to watch for a few days, but it needed to be done, and honestly, it and other shut downs in North America probably should have happened as soon as Europe started with cases increasing, but I can see the other side from a mental health perspective so I guess governments are going to upset someone either way. Enough about that's almost Christmas!

As for today, some more cards from the gift that provides year round....well, pretty much every day this year as it turns out, as I am still working through this big lot of cards I bought LAST YEAR, and it will likely last into early next year as well.

When you don't particularly bother about collecting the newest product, waiting a few months (or year) to get some 1992 Stadium Club baseball card needs knocked off, isn't that big a deal - is it?

No need for the grimace Juan, it's no biggie.

I mean, sure, there are a bunch of cards I may have no personal interest with, but I am just as happy to get cards I know where I can send them to, or know of a better home, that's almost as good.

Besides, cards are a gift that people expect you to be regifting and are easier to "re-gift". Not sure you'd be as thrilled with a pair of socks instead...

We can end with a package that came early. No, wasn't really a Christmas gift, just a TCDB trade with althib that brought a number of "already haves but more is good" and a couple other cards.

An error add with Trillo, and the Jays are just to get something in exchange. Not needed, but didn't matter, this was more about sending cards that althib needed.

Most all will recognize the backs from the 1990 Topps cards.

One set add with the Huet card as 2007-08 Upper Deck Mini Jersey is on the long list of slow build sets (I have about 100 sets in each baseball and hockey on that slow build list).

Thank you for the trade, and a happy Christmas Eve Day to all.

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