Saturday, December 4, 2021

Why Quebec...

 Well - if there is one thing going for the cards today, they are slightly different from the OHL version...

The design is the same, the cards have just as much love from me (just about none), but they are for the QMJHL.

I am not sure why there are so many Action Shots or Check Lists being done in what appears to be a wonky order as they are not with the teams, and not their own subset, but I don't put much thought in 7th Inning Sketch cards regardless.

I get using team colours, but the grey here makes the cards look even more drab than the others...yikes.

Can I go? I mean, I love cards, but these make me second guess if I should like all cards. Or maybe these are the exception - I like all cards, but these...not so much.

Actually, I guess I shouldn't complain about everything Quebec related. I mean, is located out of the province, and it's been pretty darn solid. Today, the last of the mystery hockey card packs to go through...

Three slowly building sets get a little help here with the Thornton being my fave of the three.

As is with these packs, three insert/parallels/short print helpers and I can't go wrong with a Brett Hull insert!

The rest...

A couple Bruins cards which will find a quick home elsewhere, and the usual smattering of sets represented here. Each pack was definitely worth the dollar!


  1. I always enjoyed the mystery packs at BBCS but I think they're sold out now :/

    7th Inning Sketch cards do start to hurt the eyes after a while. But a guy named Eric Cool and whatever that D-logo is on the Yanick Degrace card make this batch a little more interesting.

    1. Yeah - I can take them in little dribbles, but they do hurt the eyes. I get that white is, you know, like ice...but still.