Friday, December 31, 2021

It's Over - Or Continuing

 Another crazy year down. I know the years usually fly by, but for obvious reasons, the last couple have seemed to even more so. I guess because of all the days that seem to blend together, one after the other, in lockdown or worrying about COVID, etc.

One thing that hasn't flown by is the fun of going through this lot of cards I picked up back in August 2020. I think there's still a solid few months of cards to go through, and with sprinkling in some other things in the interim, might be into the second half of the year.

Not to worry, I have another lot of cards already lined up - maybe about 15k, so not as big as this one, but should be good. It's sitting and waiting to be attended to...has been for a few months already, but no rush.

As for today - we see triplets, though I only scanned once. 15 of the 20 card team set...

1997-98 Score Boston Bruins team release. Not something I am going to collect, but have the perfect home for all of these (and they have already been delivered too)! Too bad it wasn't the Toronto team release, that would have been a great way to end the year.

As for the rest...

Minor league hockey Bowman Chrome cards - unique in here thus far, but again, not something I collect, same with the stray O Pee Chee hockey cards. Just one keeper today...

From a stats perspective, not as strong as Roberto, but as a catcher, a solid team player for most of his career.

Let's end with a TCDB trade with member 860502. TCDB tells me this is our 7th completed trade, and it's a PWE with a few items for me.

A couple sets being slowly helped with 1986 Topps and 1993 Donruss. Kelly Gruber is an uncorrected error, copy needed for that collection. The rest are Jays adds. I was surprised to see David Wells is my first 1999 Upper Deck Victory set Blue Jay card, so nice to get a first. Same actually with the 1990 Topps Traded Olerud. Wouldn't think there would be new sets represented in my collection of Jays from 1990, but there you go!


  1. I opened up a bunch of that Bowman Chrome CHL, but rarely ever see that stuff floating around the hobby. I wonder if there's a warehouse out there filled with that stuff... or maybe a landfill.

    1. I wonder if it is a landfill - I am sure some of the minor league stuff must be collected - otherwise, why would they make it - but I could absolutely believe it was well overproduced compared to the demand.

  2. I was given the Rangers team set for my birthday a couple years ago. I wish more Team Sets were released.

    1. Also "complete" team sets. I mean, if there are 15 team cards released in the base set (including, say, young guns), then don't make the team set 12 cards, missing the three young guns. It makes the "set" feel incomplete.

  3. Things will be much better this year!