Saturday, February 6, 2016

An assorted box break

As I have mentioned before, I collect unopened packs of cards for hockey, baseball and Magic. I recently gave in while at Walmart and picked up a Champions hockey box. These are one of the very few repacks available in Canada. Inside you get 16 assorted packs of cards.

I picked up the box because, as usual, you can see a few packs front and back, and one that I saw was:

Crown Royale is not a box I've seen, or individual pack I've seen to pick up, so to pick up the pack as part of the 16 made it worthwhile. I figured if I can get 5 or so that I don't have, that would be great, and I could use the rest for future posts. Kind of a shame I won't be opening it, I can feel the off shape crown to the cards inside, and I do like the different shape to these cards.

With regards to the packs, I will keep multiple of the same set, if the packaging is different - as an easy example a hobby pack and a retail pack.

When I opened it up, one that came out which I knew I didn't have was:

1997-98 Donruss Priority Hobby Pack because of it being oversized for the postcard inside. Definitely made it worthwhile between these couple, but upon review of my collection, I was also able to add:

The Titanium and Pinnacle I had other packs but not the same, and the Upper Deck 2013-14 was new to me.

So that means 5 new packs for the collection - which means roughly 150 or so hockey, about 130 or so baseball, and about 60 Magic packs....

If you are wondering about the 11 additional packs, I will scatter some posts on these as we go forward!

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