Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pack Attack - I Pledge Allegiance...wait - different Oath?

Yes, I made that joke even though I am not American...

So the Oath of the Gatewatch expansion set came out about a month or so ago. I finally managed to go to the card store and pick up a couple packs. Typically, I pick up 3 packs (for $12 tax included at 401 Games - compared to $5.92 plus tax at Wal-Mart, I can't find a better price) and the three packs have different art, so I keep the three for the unopened pack collection.

This time, instead of specifying I figured, if I get a duplicate pack art cover, I'd just open a pack and share it on the blog if nothing else.

So, here are the three packs:

Sweet - two for keeps, and one to open! In a perfect world, I'll open this pack, get an artifact card and something I can sell or trade in to "get my money pack" on the pack. Taking a quick look down the prices of the cards - a handful of mystic rares and such cards which would net my money back, so possible, but not likely - and not many artifacts in the set either.

I'd get into what Magic is, but you likely have a sense if you are still reading - probably are a fan or player/collector too. So in almost no particular order...

Awesome, there is the artifact I was hoping to get. May be a common, but I'll take it.

Nice to see elementals haven't changed much since back in the time of playing when Revised was released. Big power, decent casting cost, but with a weakness.

Had to read up on the fact that they Battle of Zendikar lands in each expansion set of this block. I'm not a fan of the full art picture, but mostly because I am not a fan of change. I dislike the fact artifacts were moved from brown border colour to grey ("colourless").

And the last card of the pack (the "rare" position):

May not have been foil, but this is on of the big mythic rares of the set - already looking to sell it, and should be able to get back most of the $12, if not more, that I spent to get the three packs. Awesome pull, and lucked out to get it. Pretty nice card for play, just not one I care about keeping given it doesn't fit my collection.

So overall, great pack, couldn't ask for more, and as for the set - some interesting cards, but man, I could go off on this whole colourless mana and mana of any colour difference they have now created, especially given there are now cards with different mana casting costs that are colourless mana, but not artifacts....anyway - enough of that...for now.


  1. I like the full card land.. Looks nice

    1. If the lands had always been done that way, i'd like them too...the consistency irks me but honestly, for no good reason other than it does.

      It's like the back of the cards - I believe the story is that shortly after Magic cards started Deck master went out if business, so to ensure all cards had the same back, Wizards of the Coast bought the name. Otherwise Magic card backs would have had to remove the name which would cause issue With different sets having visibly different backs.