Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pack Attack - Oh what the heck - even if they are French...

So one of the packs I got from the Championship hockey assorted collection, I glanced at and saw it was 1991-92 Pro Set Series 1. I have the completed set and figured maybe I'd just donate it off to someone. When I picked it up this morning to figure out where to send it, I finally noticed - it is from the French series. Against my better judgement, I figured I would open in since:
1) I don't have many Leafs from the set
2)  I don't plan to collect the set so I can pawn off the cards to team collectors anyway versus trying to get rid of a French pack of cards
3) There are 15 cards in the pack so chances are I will get at least one Leaf...right?....right?!?!?

Oh and side note - I will not collect unopened French card packs....I have to draw the line somewhere, and doing that would open up packs in any non-English language I think...and that is too far a net to spread...

So yeah - I got screwed - not a single Leaf. One card I will keep in my errors and variations will be the Paul Cyr which is an uncorrected error card. Not all bad as the Sundin card and all stars are fine and well - just not what I personally was looking for. Oh well, maybe the next pack out will be better - in the mean time, anyone want so French junk wax? Maybe I can use these for packing material....or at least the Montreal ones...


  1. I checked and I have no Leafs from this to give you..

    1. Appreciate the thought. I am kind of torn on these because I'm not sure if I want to open myself to other language cards, because then it just can get crazy on the other sets out there, but I figured since it was pretty mainstream, and since French is the other Canadian official language, I should at least stretch that far...same thinking as the unopened pack collecting.