Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Anniversary!

Given the anniversary, I had to pick up something a bit different for myself to share here. It so happened that Toys R Us had these different repacks which I believe were $6.99. Packaged in a clear clam shell, I could see the following items which is why I picked it up;
- A Black diamond pack I didn't have
- A 2008-09 O Pee Chee oversized card pack, which I didn't have
- An oversized Leaf Victory card of which I have none the package says...

Here are the unopened packs included...
Actually there are two of the Black Diamond packs, so we can save one of those for a separate post.

Also included were there oversized cards:

Lastly, there were also 10 Upper Deck Power Play 2008-09 cards (you couldn't tell these with the package closed). Unfortunately, I have a box set of the 300 cards (there are 400 in total, the last 100 being the update), but it is not opened, so interesting to see these, but nothing I am going to be keeping. 
Seeing these in hand, they are a fairly nice design. A couple complaints though. First, the names are a bit faded on the front that makes them hard to read. Also, as much as the photos and overlay of the player over the back design is nice, it does make the cards look generally similar to each other without significant standout pics.

Overall a nice little opening for the anniversary, a couple new packs for the collection, and some new to me cards - can't ask for much more. Here's to another great year ahead!


  1. Happy blogging anniversary! I've always thought those Power Play cards stand out nicely in comparison with other sets; but, you're quite right about how they sort of blend together compared to themselves.

    1. Thanks. The more I look at them, the more I think - it's a nice design, they could have just done more with, or better utilized it.