Saturday, November 19, 2016

Safety Dance!

Toronto Blue Jays have put out safety card sets for a number of years. If you pick up a set, they are typically cheap each year at the time, but can be hard to find to add to a collection once a few years are past. This is why when I saw a number of 2013 Safety Jays cards on Listia, I tried my darnedest (and succeeded) at getting them all. As the card stock used is very thin, they don't generally last well unless really taken care of.

Each card was a separate auction, but it wasn't a full and complete set. It was about 70% of the cards, and since I had none, it means I am about 8 cards short of the set.

The seller wasn't able to send the cards right away and instead of just getting the 16 I won, I ended up getting 26 in total.

Always enjoy the mascot cards as they are a-typical. Add in a couple of the Canadian boy Lawrie, and Bautista...excellent players, simple design.

Is this a 2013 or 1993 set? Pat Hentgen makes me wonder...

More of the same, simple design but great group of players including Happ.

So a great pick up, and now I just need to keep an eye out for the remaining cards...


  1. Don't buy the 1993'll be getting one from me when I locate it!

    1. Lol - you don't have to tell me twice! Also - many thanks in advance.