Monday, December 5, 2016

Being out of uniform

A quick one off pick up from Listia to share before the Santa Lot 20 today. A nice 1973-74 O Pee Chee Leaf pick up... 
I only have one other card from the set, which is the Bobby Orr that came out of the Santa Lot. So really nice to get one here, as generally I don't have very many pre-1980 Leafs.

I have brought up players who are well associated with one team, ending up on another and how this doesn't "fit" or quite seem right. Well, sometimes, when they end up on your team - it is beautiful.


I've said before how much I liked Mogilny, and his time with the Leafs put a great player on my favourite team, so I am always happy to get one of these cards, especially one I didn't have before.

The rest

A nice string of 1999-2000 Pacific cards include Eddie the Eagle, great add for a set I don't have much of. Also, as for the Heroes and Prospects, obviously the Claude Giroux fellow ended up having a good career thus far.


Overall, a very good day from the Santa Lot with a heavy hand of hockey cards, and of those, many that I didn't have before. I look forward to more days with cards like these!

Through 5560 cards:
Specific Accomplishments:
- Complete 2003-04 SP Authentic Basketball (90 card pure base)
- 3 Complete 2007-08 UD McDonald's Hockey Checklist Subsets (6 cards)
- 1973-74 O-Pee-Chee Hockey #30 Bobby Orr (All-Star)
- 2004-05 Upper Deck Legends Classics Platinum Hockey #64 Marcel Dionne 06/10
- 2007-08 Topps 1957-58 Variations Basketball  #112 Kevin Durant (Rookie)
Hockey Baseball Basketball Football Austin Powers Other
Toronto 95 9
Inserts / Var Kept 161 24
Error 11 1
Keep 1270 153
Doubles/Sell 649 34 1082 1610 243 22
Doubles Inserts / Var 62 1 66 67

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