Saturday, December 24, 2016

Pack Attack - 20 Card PressTine

Hello again, and here is the last pack I picked up from this past summer in the US at a Dollar Tree in Buffalo. Let's hope that this will bring some good luck. If nothing else, I know I am getting a Jose Bautista (who hopefully stays in Toronto now that Edwin is off to Cleveland) card given the card on the back (yay!). Not a bad little pre-Christmas pack for fun!

Here we go...

Here are the duplicates pulled. Darryl was quite the personality and I best remember for voicing the one Simpsons episode with the Plant baseball team of ringers - classic, excellent Simpsons.

Many keepers, and good variety - maybe the best of the bunch. Another 1987 Hygrade Baseball's All Time Greats, cards going back to the 1982 Topps Harrah (harrah!). I love the late career Neon Deion with his smile for the camera and most of all - the Diamondback team card. I miss team cards.

I think this card may have been a bit miscut. Well, that makes it a keeper for me as it is miscut enough there is a bit of the next card shown on the for me.

Well, there is the Bautista card, and I lucked out in getting the Mondesi Topps Finest card as well. I don't see many Finest cards, and this is the first from 2000 which works out for me. Given I knew about the Jose card, the Mondesi card would be the best surprise of the pack for me. Overall - pretty good pack to end these packs on.


  1. The Opening Day version of the Bautista card has the current uniform airbrushed on.. It doesn't look the best lol