Saturday, December 10, 2016

Knocking off a few more want list cards

No, these are not big money card, but more pesky cards that I need to complete sets that are oh so close. I got rid of some stuff to Value Village a few weeks ago, and when you do that, they give you a discount card - the amount of the discount depends on the amount of "stuff" donated. In this case it was a 30% card, and I had to use it by the end of the year. So, of course, I took a look this last week to see what they had card wise (i anything) to use it before I lose it.

Nothing magnificent, but they had a number of bags of 50-60 cards for $2 - which with the discount, and after tax, were about $1.50. I picked up a couple that were just 1991-92 Pro Set hockey because I have a few cards missing and I believe - we will have to see - that these bags get me down to a single missing card. Luckily the Value Village bags leave some wiggle room to finger through the cards. If it wasn't for these few cards, no way I would bother buying them.

There were also a few early 90s Upper Deck hockey card bags - enough that I figures, I have some of the set, this would fairly cheaply get me further, but we will see.

Anyway, instead of spend $15, I end up spending about $10 in order to look through some heavily produced sets in order to hopefully not have to look at many more to complete a couple sets that every who already wanted to, probably has.

With that all said, let's knock off two bags today - the two that are complete 1991-92 Pro Set cards and see where that leaves me.

Rather than show everything, I'll show the important to me cards...

These were the ones I needed, I am only a John LeClair (card number 545) to complete the set...

I also picked up these Leafs I already had...

As well as a few uncorrected error cards...

Overall, not too bad for $3 that worked to get my needs down to a single card in this set.

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