Sunday, December 11, 2016

Denting a set

In follow up to yesterday, I figured we could go through 3 of the packages from Value Village which were "assorted" hockey cards. Why these three? Because by "assorted" they meant fully 1991-92 Upper Deck hockey cards.

My starting point for this is - I have boxed, the high number (501-700) set, so I will only care about any cards that I need dupes of for my other collections. For the first 500 cards, I only have 171 of them, so hopefully I can get well past half way on this set. That way, when I actually put my mind to it, it should be fairly easy to complete since it is a mass produced set.

I did notice in opening them, there was a large chunk of high numbered cards - which for my purpose, given I have these in a set, doesn't do me much good, but let's see. Again, not going to scan everything, but will go through some highlights for me.

First, the obvious highlights - the Maple Leaf cards...

Have to love the Douggie card - my favourite of the above for sure.

All in, I was able to add about 135 more cards to the set. Some highlights of the additional cards are...

Like the base set inclusion of some of the international players - nowadays it would be an insert set, or a separate release, or both...

Also wanted to just highlight the artwork cards, and Guy. With large sets (say 700 cards or so) I can appreciate these different cards being inserted to give a different feel and atleast a slightly different design.

So, these packs did okay - one more still to go through later, but I don't expect much out of it....we shall see.

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