Sunday, December 4, 2016

Pack Attack - Dollar Tree 20 Card Pack

Today we open one of the 20 card PressTine baseball card packs I bought for $1 from a Dollar Tree while travelling in the US. Let's see if these are really worth missing!

1980s Fleer and 1987 Topps - nice - the Cox 1985 being the earliest card in the pack - not too shabby from an age standpoint. All three are cards I don't have, but nothing really fitting into my collection.

Out of the 20 cards, these are the only two that are doubles as these are both sets I have completed. I remember Curt being part of the A's staff in the early 90s with some of the good Jays/As match ups of the time.

The Banks card is the one that was showing on the other side of the package - it was the reason I picked the pack since it was a Jays card I didn't have. It worked out really well that I ended up also getting the 1987 Sportflics Tony Fernandez card which I also didn't have. It scans interestingly enough as you can partially see both of the pics used on the card. No matter anything else, these two cards make the pack worth it!

Decent design for "The Rookies" Donruss set (this is the first card from the set I have seen). This and even 2003 Donruss are sets from my "not into cards" period.

Oh were always a bit of a hot head, and kept that even as a manager. As for Damon, I can't say I remember him at all as a Dodger Royal. All these sets I have since ended up with a handful of cards from each, but none of these.

Mid-90s, those are thick cards, just like the mid-80s stuff, but honestly, between the two, I prefer the 80s Sportflics cards. Oh and Will Clark as a Ranger...another no-no.

More decent variety of sets, and some star power (Rafael was a good part of the Texas line up for a few years).

Bonus! A 1989 Topps card that I need, but too bad Clancy here is past his days with the Jays.

Overall, great set/card variety as we cover Donruss, Sportflics, Topps, Score, Triple Play, etc, and years from mid 80s to mid 00s - can't complain with that for 20 cards at $1.


  1. Damon didn't play for the Dodgers. He's a Royal in that card

  2. Some times I don't know how I am able to work, obvious from the hat it's KC if nothing else....brain freeze I guess...fixed.....