Saturday, December 3, 2016

Pack Attack - 2007-08 Upper Deck Black Diamond

This pack came out of the anniversary opening last week. As I only have a paid of cards from the set, glad to get a few more.

Some Gretzky guy on the front...not sure of you heard of him - I think his career turned out alright...

Always difficult to scan - and my scanner does not like them at all - here is Scott Niedermayer (one diamond). Standard Black Diamond design all around with a fair overall picture.

Brind'Amounr with the Hurricanes (one diamond).

Chris Higgins (one diamond).

Mike Richards (one diamond). I seem to have a fair number of cards for him, given he is a guy I don't actively collect in any way shape or form.

Shane Doan (two diamonds).

A kind of blah pack overall, so a bit disappointing. It is always fun opening packs the question is - would I have done better if I opened the other pack that came in the package? Guess I will never know...

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