Sunday, August 6, 2017

An Ultimate (Original Six) Push for Pro-Set

First a Listia win that took a month to get here. Wasn't the sellers fault at all - the mail was date stamped July 5th, but it showed up on August 4th. I wonder why such a delay for two cards. I feel bad because the seller already apologized, assumed they were lost on the way, and sent something more off to me already (with another card I just recently won). Well - at least these arrived...

These are my first 2017 Bowman cards, and leave me one card short of all the Jays in the 100 card base set (yup, 2 of 3, right here).

As follow up to the posts on the 1991 Ultimate 6 set, I did a small PWE trade with Detfan6897 to pick up some of the remaining needs"

These leave it down to two cards for the base set - Brett Hull and Henri Richard and I was able to also get the nice Jays card as well - like these Celebration cards.

Nice little trade and look forward to doing another in the near future with Detfan6897.

So I picked up 17 loose packs of 1990-91 Pro Set hockey in one of my Kijiji buys. Rather than slowly go through these, given I am trying to close in on the set, I figured I might as well go through all of them at once here to see if we can finish off the set all at once (not likely as I still need about 100, but this should make a good dent in it nonetheless).

Give 17 packs and 15 cards each - not going to show everything, but let's look at some highlights of the keepers, error cards, Leafs and all.

Just speaking of the numbers, now down to only 18 cards to complete the set. Still some error cards for that collection, but not too worried about those.

A good example of the cards I was missing - nothing special or different, but some nice cards still such as Gilmour, Roenick, Messier, and Ranford. Nothing much to say about them otherwise than, glad these are no longer needed!

17 packs, and here is the Leaf contingent - 9 Leafs, but none being the one I need as I am only missing one error card for Tom Fergus.

I was also able to pick up a number of error cards for the error binder....17 packs, and I got 43 error cards that I can add.

So between the needed cards, Leafs and error adds, we are looking at about 110 keepers or so which isn't a bad percentage.

So as hoped, well on my way to getting this set done, and if anyone can help me finish it off, that would be awesome! Let me know if you have anything and I'll get something back out to you. My list on is up to date, so check it out there - thanks!

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