Saturday, August 26, 2017

Pack Attack - 2007 Topps Baseball Series 2

I only have a handful of cards from the set, so this should all be new for me. Hopefully with only 6 cards, I can get a Jay or an insert, so let's see if I can get either...or maybe one card that is both!

Here is a look at the base cards:

The standard design for Topps in 2007 across the major sports. Standard fair, would have liked a bit more action in the photography though. Atleast, with six cards and these being the only base - means good things, right?

Okay, not too bad. I appreciate stadium shots and this is fairly good for the field. I know that isn't necessarily the theme of the insert, but it is the highlight for me.

This could be an interesting set to collect. The cards were issued over a number of different sets, so that makes it harder to complete. I am happy to get this one, but no plans to get more.

Overall, any pack with a Mantle, can't be a bad pack. Overall pretty darn good for what it is.

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