Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The power of Verlander and the power of a Nickel

What can you buy for a nickel these days? Not a whole heck of a lot, especially when it is a Canadian nickel. Also, when can you spend a nickel and get something at a major retailer? So I was at Toys R Us as we pit stop there on the way home from visiting my mom (to ensure our now 4 year old doesn't get too much of a nap), and as always I check to see if there is anything there card wise.

I knew nothing of this but spotted only one:

I flipped it over and it had a clearance sticker on it with a price of 5 cents....SOLD!

I had to look online afterwards to find this was a 2007-08 Release and inside is basically one of each of the items listed (Standee, Sticker sheet, Tattoos, etc). Well, consider it added to my unopened pack collection. I debated, but at least a few of these items would "count" as far as I am concerned - the headlines item is a card, stickers as inserts, the standee would be a type of card as far as I am concerned.

Santa Lot Highlights for today:

The cards from today are highlighted by some 2007 Heritage. I have to say - that is just way too much pink on the Verlander card. I get the design, but...too much. A shot similar to Konerko that was more body, less background colour would have been good.


Wow - a bit more of the 1999 Austin Powers cards than I expected to see again. Also, nothing new which stinks too - still not a complete set.

The rest

Unlike yesterday, only one other keeper, a bit scarce today.


The usual suspects here. As always, anything here that interests anyone, just let me know and I am sure we can figure something out.

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