Sunday, August 27, 2017

Trade With SaveDaKid and Pack Attack - 2013 Topps Baseball Series 2

I had a trade with SaveDaKid at TCDB recently (his cards should show up to him this coming week, but he got his package to me first).

First up were a number of 1990-91 Pro Set hockey needs covered:

Most of these were dupes I needed for the error/variation binders because I needed second copies in order to have a complete set and then the error extras.

Definitely not my favourite Electric Ice design, but happy to get the parallel.

The ad card is from 1989 Topps. I figured with the complete set and half these cards, I might as well add these inserts to the set, so shall see if I can get them all. As for the '96 Ultra, these are the first such cards in my collection, and I have to say, I really like the design (name on the front might be a bit too big, but I'll admit I can read it very easily at least).

In a theme, the 2000 Ultra cards - first I have for the collection, and man, they look really nice in hand too. I am finding this true of a number of Ultra set. I never had to many originally collecting through the 90s, but the more sets I see, the more I find Ultra generally pretty nicely constructed designs.

An awesome variety of cards.

A really like the Target red border parallels, but my favourite of these cards would be the Hometown Heroes Drabek card. His dad, Doug, was one of the players I strongly remember from childhood and really liked for whatever reason, so getting a nice card like this for his so is a neat add to the collection.

Big thanks again to SaveDaKid for the trade, and I hope we can do another one some time soon.

With regards to the pack, I was surprised, I actually had about 100 cards from 2013 Topps before this pack. Shows that I have some newer cards - though most are 2007 and earlier, and really mostly mid 80s to mid 90s. I should need most of the cards anyway, I believe....

A lot of ball shots here with from the Revere and Mercer catches to the Nicasio throw - and the face full of effort putting into the throw - yikes.

Here are the few dupes from the pack if anyone is interested.

The gold Topps cards looked really nice in 2011-2013 or so, much better than on the current year release - my personal opinion. I wouldn't complain getting new parallels as well, just though with the solid white border, the other colours had more pop.

Last card is an insert which is great. I generally like the chasing history inserts - but I am a sucker for history and stats so these are great adds as such, and Cano is a decent enough player to get a card for.

Pretty good pack overall, was just missing a Jay to make it perfect.

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