Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Quad Wars 1991 O Pee Chee Premier Baseball - Top Right

Here we go through the second stack, and with where we left off yesterday, just the need of two more base cards to finish the set. Yeah - so no luck on that end. A bit surprised because I know I got most of the set from opening a box before, so through a box and a half - that would be about 350 cards, surprised not to have finished the 132 card set yet.

I did get some more Jays...

I like the post swing Alomar - nice lead off card for the set at card number one.

As I mentioned, there are no inserts to the set, but a couple cards do have a special mention on them, and I got one here...

The yellow triangle isn't a triforce....but does have a link to the Jays since the 7th no-no by Ryan was against them. Surprising that it was 26 years ago and I actually remember it. Don't ask me what I had for dinner yesterday, but this - this I remember.

Ok - 18 packs to go and still need two cards...this is going to happen...right?

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