Sunday, November 5, 2017

27 From the CNE and a completed insert set

I covered 1991 Ultra not too long ago with being able to complete the set from the Thanksgiving bunch of cards received. As it worked out, I also got the cards for this...

These comprise the 10 card Gold insert set. I only had one of these before, but actually didn't need it as most the cards had duplicates or more come out of the lot of cards. Also, these were all in good shape too, so nice to have it completed. Honestly, makes the work of sorting through the cards worthwhile just getting this nice little insert set.

Let's go through the pack today more in the usual way of what goes specifically to a collection of mine, what is a keeper otherwise, and what trade stuffs I came away with.

Before starting, and as you will see below - I am a bit surprised when Jays pop up in these because at least for the CNE, the seller has a bin of Jays cards which are something like $1 each of 12 for $5, each card in a penny and hard sleeve. That said, the cards are generally junk wax era cards, so I find the price outrageous. I expect he must pull all the Jays cards before the CNE and make this bin hoping to sell a few. With that, when I get a Jay in the packs for less than $1, I am a bit surprised - though happily so.

The Jays/Leafs in this pack...

Yeah, two! Add to that, Hentgen I need, and a good one too from 1995 Select which I hadn't seen before this. The design? I love it actually...really nice...

One of the reasons I picked up the pack..another Diamond King...

Love the glasses.

As for the rest of the cards that are keepers:

The Rickey seals it for 1995 Select being a set I want to see more of. The team colour strip on the right is a bit big, but such a nice pull in for the colour in the uniforms and action shots.

As for the traders:

As much as I don't need to see more 1991-92 O Pee Chee cards, I like the trophy focus - even if it looks like Brett is going to smack it into the net.

I would say this pack was above average since I got a couple Jays out of it!


  1. I'm sort of working on the 1989 DOnruss set.. I'm now upset I got rid of a bunch of them earlier lol

    1. No worries - I am sure there millions out there somewhere!