Sunday, November 12, 2017

Taking the Cup with CNE goodies

Yeah, starting again with a quick bit from the Thanksgiving cards from my sister. I got through the 1991 Upper Deck cards and probably got rid of about 300-400 because they were splitting.

From the remaining cards which were in good condition...

Awesome pick ups here. The hologram is really nice and in perfect condition, and any Baseball Heroes inserts are great.

Of course there were the obligatory Jays cards, though none were needed. All in, only added about 28 cards in the set, and still well below half way, so nothing really moving on that one, but still decent to add to any set.

Here we go with some more CNE pick ups from this past fall.

A couple of the usual suspects with 1990 Score football and a few racing cards. I could see the draw of collecting the racing cards which are of the vehicles - this is what I remember of watching racing, not so much the drivers, but the cars themselves - fair or not.

Able to add about half of these, the others are dupes, but I can take a Gary Carter dupe - especially when he looks so darn happy!

Would have been a nice pickup if I didn't already have one.

Another few 1992-93 Score Canadian set cards, all of which were adds (I do like that about these pick ups).

Lastly, my favourite card from this one has to be...

Trophy love at it's best!

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