Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Leaf from the CNE, and more!

So I picked up this pack because of the Leaf card showing, but lucked out getting a bit more.

I was hoping there wouldn't be any more than the one Leaf, as I don't need the rest, but at least there were only these and not another

1985 O Pee Chee sticker, which breaks the streak of 1983 stickers which we have been seeing typically out of these packs. Too bad this Macoun is pre-Leaf days.

Only one dupe out of these cards - just from these CNE packs, I am getting close to 100 cards of this set which I didn't have before.

Half and half on needing these. Ernest here wearing the nice hat and helmet combo.

This Ozzie card captures what I think of Ozzie so well. His fun and enjoyment of baseball, and life in general in a simple little piece of cardboard - just excellent. Honestly, even outshines the Bell which will go to my collection (number 6).

Another decent pack from the CNE!

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