Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pack Attack - 1990-91 Pro Set Hockey Series 1

One of the sets out of the Thanksgiving cards that I was looking forward to is 1988 Donruss. There are plenty of cards, probably about 1,200 and all in good condition for keeping. As I have about 44% of the set before this, I am thinking this should get be above 90% and within completion. Should also be able to get most of the Bonus MVP card insert set done too, so what is the result....

91.7% complete - missing about 50 cards on the set.

As for the other collectible content, we have the Jays...

Nice multi-George Bell Bonus MVP cards.

As well as the error cards....

Okay, the checklists come in different variations so not really error cards, but good enough for me.

And inserts (and Diamond Kings)....

This just shows how nicely Diamond Kings look together in pages.

Below, these are a couple of the packs I got a while back from Trevor at Supporting The Minnow. I don't need many cards left in this set, but they are all series 1 anyway, so I figured I may as well open these two packs to see if I luck out with getting one or two, as well as the usual suspects of Leafs and error cards.

So with two packs (and getting 16 cards instead of 15 in one of the two packs....I only ended up with one card I "needed" for the set...

Yeah - didn't have this discount card before, so no, not much going on there.

As for Leafs, a couple adds which is nice.

Though the errors and such is where I really ended up picking up a few cards...

A couple are mis-cuts like the Joe Sakic (again - mis-cut to me requires essentially to see part of a different card) Some are standard errors like John Vanbiesbrouck who is apparently a Center, and variations like the Kurri which doesn't have the "signed by" yellow strip down the right side.

So, other than that, I got these which I didn't need...

Would have been nice to get a set need card or two, but these were alright nonetheless.


  1. hope you got the Manson error and corrected

    1. Ended up with just the error - but as long as I have dupes, I am fine with an error card in a complete set too.

  2. The 90-91 Pro Set hockey is one under rated set. The design worked much better with hockey than football