Sunday, January 7, 2018

Ending the dilemma

So, last bunch of cards and we go to the earliest Jays sent by dilemma19...

So, similar to yesterday, a lot of early O Pee CHee. I had some of these in Topps form, but very happy to add so many in O Pee Chee. Definitely excited to add all of these. The last card in the bunch?

I really enjoy my printing errors.

Very happy to get this, but otherwise not exactly what I was hoping today would bring. I figured it would be a nice change after the last couple days were a bit of a bust, but didn't quite work out that way. As far as these Dollarama 80 card repacks go, this one was almost have dupes/traders which is by far the worst luck I have had on these.

That being said, it wasn't all bad, so let's take a look at the good and the bad.

First the really good...

I wish there was more to share with the Jays (well, there actually is one more later...), but I will say that the Cruz Jr is one nice card. Never seen these before, but great card stock, focus on the photo - I want more!

The somewhat good....

Yeah, well still inserts, but not the top of the collection chain for me.

The still good (keepers)...

This includes the one other Jay, just to ensure it makes it into my slowly growing 1986  Topps set.

A fair bit of "junk wax" in this repack, not overly surprising but a bit more than usual, or so it seems.

Here is where we start moving to the "really happy to get post 1994" period...

As for the "abd" of overwhelming dupes...

Yup - not one, but two Joey Cora's...because one just isn't enough?

Hi there again saxy boy!

Yeah, the last two cards have come up enough, I had to stick them right at the end - have come across 4-5 of each in these repacks...hopefully no more? Maybe?

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