Sunday, January 21, 2018

Estate finds - the third

Before another, and the last estate lot of Jays, a one card Listia win...

An in person auto from a seller on Listia who has a lot of auto cards up lately (some on card, some in person). I have no reason to doubt it, and when compared to other sigs online (TTM - his sticker auto cards look a lot more deliberate and full - which would make sense given a better signing environment I am sure), so I am happy enough with it.

As for the Jays estate lot - another post like yesterday, let's see what this group brings...

We start well enough getting one new Jays card - another Glossy Fleer Update card from the mid-80s.

Also excellent is gett a couple 1980 cards in this bunch as well. I didn't need either, but glad to see a couple going back this far as it gives me hope for more in the rest of the bunches.

Probably one of my favourite cards from the 80s, and for sure from 1987 - th George Bell All Star card from 1987 Topps. Simple enough design, and simple enough picture, but goes together very well with the simplicity.

A few more dupes even within the cards I received in the first three batches out of the estate. Makes me think I might be getting more of the same, but only time will tell.

As I say, this was the last estate package I did receive, so the other dozen won't be coming due to health of the seller...oh well, but hope all is well.

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