Sunday, January 14, 2018

Estate finds on Lisitia

Anyone who has been on Listia looking for cards the last month or two have noticed a number of card sales coming from a big estate lot, or so it is described,. Honestly, have no reason to doubt it as the user has been on Listia a number of years and has thousands of feedback, all good.

So with the many sports and lots being put up, I saw a bunch which were along the line of "25 Blue Jays cards from the 80s". Now, do I expect many cards from this that will be new to me? No. I expect most will be Topps and Donruss, maybe Fleer, and later 80s, so many of the team sets I will already have. That being said - free guaranteed Jays cards! Yes, I know, I fill out surveys to get the points to "buy" these, but close enough to free for me.

As these are lots of 25, I will go through them here or there over the next month or two as they come in. Yeah, I won 12 of these I think. If you do the match, I think it comes out to a couple cents a card, and free shipping for me, so not a bad way to pick up 300 cards.

Today we can explore the first lot of 25 cards, again, I didn't know what they would be, they were just promised for each lot to be 25 different Jays cards.

Well, 25 cards and I did end up with two new ones for the collection. Jeff here is the glossy version - the first glossy from the set I have. Usually the glossy versions look better in hand, and that is definitely the case here. Might be personal preference on that though.

There were more cards though...

This about what I expected as far as what "80s" meant. I was hoping I might get a couple early 80s cards, but not the case in this one as we end up with 1985 being the first year.

Still, not having many '85s until not too long ago, I don't mind the dupes any way.

Expected to see these - 1988 and would have expected a bunch of 87 Topps - but not here....yet...

And of course, heavy with 1989 cards for the collection.

Not a bad first go on these wins, and as I say, for the price, excellent collection add. I look forward to the other 11 or so of these I will receive.


  1. Nice bunch of Jays. I haven't been on Listia as much lately, and worried about their switchover in currency, so I might just use up most my credits and use a wait and see approach.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that currency switch over too and am not too excited about it. I am looking to do the same, have a lower number of credits at switchover, just need to find something decent to spend them on.