Thursday, March 15, 2018

A double dose of...well...this...

Not sure how enjoyable this will be, but let's get rid of...I last couple packs of Triple Play I have. For those who don't know the product, leave now and save yourself.

Let's suffer with 2012 first...

Actually, before I show them...I actually have about 60 base cards from this set some how. I guess I should blame Fairfield repacks for that.

Not much to say about these except....flaming balls...

Well, I didn't have any of these at all - not sure if it is good or bad that I will be holding onto them then, but that is what it is.

Let's move on to 2013...

This pack should double my base cards since I happily only had 5 before this pack.

Well, all new again, and no Jays again. If there are any redeemable qualities of the set, I will give the All Star insert a pass. The cards are decent enough and I can overcome the lack of actual photo for those inserts.

Well...I guess these could have been worse for what they are, but let this be a warning for anyone who hasn't seen these.


  1. I hate throwing cards out, but these ones were happily tossed every time I received them in those repacks from WalMart.