Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pack Attack - 1990 Score Baseball

Why am I opening this when I have a complete factory set? Why not!?!?!

Decent design for the set, nice multicolour border use, and the neat little trivia card inserts. Since the set I have is boxed, might still find a couple Jays to keep if nothing else...

Only one Jays card, but this was a hot pack of sorts...

If you were an Astros or KC fan. Quite bunched by teams in this pack, so should be happy I got one Jay.

The landscape card design on the Bo Jackson card is awesome though. I generally dislike landscape, but here is how it can be done right - a full extended swing, nicely placed in the card without graphics getting in the way. I wonder if the Gwynn or Molitor cards would have been better with a similar design, or at least having the shop pulled out a bit further, I find these a bit too close that the action shot loses something.

I expect tomorrow will bring more cards that I will actually add to my collection.

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