Thursday, March 29, 2018

Classic Topps Football

Today, another package of random cards picked up last August at the Canadian National Exhibition.

This was the reason I picked up the pack. I fugred, can't go wrong for less than a buck and at least getting one Leaf for the collection, and a bunch of other stuffs.

I was also able to get a bunch of cards for the collections including a bunch for 1992 Upper Deck baseball cards. Great get with all being high numbered cards, and since I already had about 70% of the set.

I may not be keeping these, but still interesting gets. I had not seen the 1993 Classic Draft basketball cards before. I am sure some find the border colour "ugly", but the hardwood look is a good one for basketball and I approve of it. The cards are also glossy which is a must for a good hardwood floor.

As for the 1983 Topps football, a classic design which O wouldn't mind seeing in a baseball form in Archives or otherwise, but I know that won't happen.

So yeah, not too shabby a day.

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