Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blog Bat Around and a not so good idea

First - typing in general. It busy season and spell check, etc be darned, my typing is worse, so forgive me my errors for the next month or so.

It's a blog topic hopping around out there, so here are my two cents regarding my collection and what I am trying to do with it right now.

As far as cards go, I am still collecting in a simple (ish) hierarchy
1) Toronto Blue Jays and Leafs - any - take top priority
2) Baseball and hockey inserts/parallels
3) Baseball and hockey error cards of any kind
4) Cards for sets I am working on

In addition to this, is collecting |Magic The Gathering Artifact cards and baseball/hockey/Magic unopened packs. As far as trading go, I don't really have much activity on these, so it is more what I collect outside of the trading realm and add to the collection.

As far as collection goals on a whole:
1) Reducing my trade cards
I am in the midst this year of trying to reduce the number of trade cards I have for cards I collect above. I am also all for trading basketball and football for any baseball or hockey cards I don't have, let alone cards that fit the list above. I call this my 2018 goal.

2) Reduce the "keep" collection
Right now, if I don't have it, I keep one when it comes to hockey and baseball. I need to look at if I really want to do this. It's great to have goals, but I can't collect every set so in 2019, I think I am going to go through my general hockey and baseball "keep" collection cards and set some sort of limit (say 50%), and any set I am not there on from a completion stand point, push those cards to traders and build on the goals above.

Definitely a 2019 goal.

So - that's it in a nutshell, at least where I am at today. But interests always change and who knows what I will find of interest in a couple months.

Anywho - you know when curiosity gets the better of you? You know when you realize this, and still go through with allowing your curiosity to win out? I can guarantee before we get to this, that is exactly what happen with this one.

I have seen these hockey mystery boxes at Walmart for a while:

I held out on getting one, then looked up a couple videos and saw some more recent packs were included, so I figured, if I can get a couple newer packs for the unopened pack collection, I could justify the buy to myself.

You may be asking - "so why don't you just buy the packs themselves since you can probably do it for cheaper." You and your crazy logic....

So what is supposed to be included is:
- 6 packs
- 1 mystery pack (I don't understand why it isn't just 7 packs since they do not tell you what the other 6 packs are going to be, and they are not consistent based on what I saw before buying)
- 1 bonus item
- 1 auto or relic card

From the videos I saw, the packs were pretty decent with new Parkhurst, newer Artifacts and such products represented in the 6 packs. I am going to guess my luck will not be as fortunate, it never is with these...

So my packs...

Happy with the Parkhurst, meh on the rest. I would have liked something newer and more Artifact related as the other packs are roughly dollar-a-pack ones. I will have to double check, but I think the Parkhurst and maybe the MVP will be good and new for my unopened collection.

The bonus pack...

Happy it is a hobby pack, and if I am going to get a duplicate pack as I think I have a hobby version, still okay, as opening this one should be good.

As for the guaranteed relic/auto...

About what I would expect from these boxes. Again, standard and call it maybe a dollar card. Not an overly long career, but a few seasons in Philly followed by single seasons in Tampa Bay and San Jose before being out of the NHL around 2012.

As for the bonus item - I think the box was feeling a bit bad for I go two...

Oversized box toppers. Nice enough in being still wrapped and in package, though I don't need two. Good news though, with trading away as many cards as I am trying to this year, I can easily use one in a box as a topper - just as it was meant to be. There are a couple on COMC with prices around $8 which seems high to me, but makes me feel slightly better.

Well - definitely not worth the $30 paid for the box, but maybe there will be something good in the packs I will be opening. Have to wait until tomorrow to see what was in those, and if they redeemed this purchase.


  1. I've thought about picking up one of those boxes but the 2016-17 Parkhurst, MVP and O-Pee-Chee from a few years back don't really entice me. But alas, I'm a sucker for repacked mystery boxes so I wouldn't totally count out buying one in the future.

    Good luck with your packs.

  2. I've been holding out too--you see other bloggers/youtubers posts and you get kind of antsy--so I stay away from Wal-Mart (so far)-Good luck in your packs

    1. Fingers crossed - though doubt that will help....