Monday, March 26, 2018

Pack Attack = 1988 Topps Baseball

This week I am cleaning up a few unopened packs that I have had for a while. Figured I'd end March this way - a bit of spring cleaning if you will.

Most collectors know the package and the cards. I say most only because some collectors these days would have been born after this since it was 30 years ago, and may only be interested in collecting more current sets. Honestly, even then, they probably have seen plenty of this stuff.

This is one of those sets I am not yet actively looking to complete, but figure will happen some day since, if nothing else, I enjoy repacks which are usually full of these. As it is, I have about 30% of the set.

Best card of the pack...

Works out well, because this is the second copy, so I have it when the set build does get under way.

The keepers of the 15 cards....

Ended up slightly better than expected as having 30% of the set, I expected about 4 dupes and ended up with only three. Not a ton of star power, but the Cubs leaders card is pretty nice.

There were also these, which are up for anyone who wants them or needs them...

This was definitely a pack that I have opened, but not one that I am likely to remember in the long run. It is a nice reminder of the set that should be getting a little more love from Topps this year, on the 30 year anniversary.

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